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June Bond


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Certified Adoption Investigator



Guardian Ad Litem/Home Study Provider


 Author/National Speaker


June Bond knows adoption from both a professional and personal perspective. As an experienced mother of six children, four of whom were adopted, she understands the challenges that infertility and adoption can bring to a couple that wants to build a family. Consequently, she has dedicated her professional life to helping other families navigate their adoption journey with care and compassion.

She holds a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters of Education from Converse College.  She has authored over forty articles that relate to issues of adoption and/or family issues that are common to adoptive families. She is on the editorial board of Fostering Families Magazine.  In addition, she has presented programs nationally about adoption and adoption issues at the North American Council on Adoption.  She has also contributed material for the book, The Foster Care Tool Box. She is recognized for her groundbreaking work in Post Adoption Depression Syndrome.

As a former college instructor and public school teacher, she provides pre and post adoption support for families that are experiencing school issues. She has published many articles on issues such as special education, parental advocacy for school issues, Section 504 plans, and issues relating to Attention Deficit Disorder.

Her volunteer work with the South Carolina Foster Care Review Board has given her a working knowledge of the foster care system and the challenges that children and families face when abuse and neglect are present. Her published work on loss and grief issues are used in several state newsletters.

June has been awarded the SC Adoption Angel and the Congressional Adoption Angel Award, noting her contributions to adoption on a state and national basis.

Through her work as the Executive Director of Adoption Advocacy of South Caroline since 1999, she has work with families adopting across state lines. To date, Adoption Advocacy has worked with over 23 states, in the placement of over  550 children. As her article, “The Audacity of Permanency” states her abiding philosophy,

There are no unwanted children,

only unfound families.


    June Bond, a South Carolina Certified Adoption Investigator, provides:

Home studies services 
Post placement reports 
Consents for birth families
Medical/social histories 
Guardian ad Litem
Post adoption consultations 
Required reports for families domesticating a foreign adoption
Reports for grandparent and step parent adoption


Just as each family is unique, so are their adoption needs. While one family may seek a newborn to adopt, another family may feel compelled to seek an older child who is considered special needs. Some families seek adoptions within their own state or region. Other families travel across the globe to find the child of their dreams.  Learn more about what type of adoption may be best for you and your growing family.

    • Foster Care Adoption

    Foster Care Adoption

    • International Adoption

    International Adoption

    • Domestic Adoption

    Domestic Adoption

    • Interfamily Adoption

    Intrafamily Adoption


When exploring your adoption options there is NO substitute for education. Arming your family with knowledge, experienced professionals, and a strong adoption support group*  will make your adoption journey more productive.  Some valuable articles and links have been provided for you.

*Adoption support groups across the state are formed by the type of adoption that you have completed, such as adoption from foster care or international means, OR by a multitude of churches in South Carolina that have adoption support groups and/or orphan ministries. Support group membership is a key to a successful adoption experience.


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