Intrafamily Adoption

1.  The most common intrafamily adoption is a step parent or grandparent adoption.  Many times the step parent will want to make the emotional bond a legal bond through adoption.  This legal step often includes a name change.  Grandparent adoptions often occur when the birth parents cannot provide for the child and/or benefits from the grandparent promote the adoption as a method of allowing the child to remain in the family circle and have the needed programs and resources in place to provide for the child.

2. What is the process for the intrafamily adoption?

The first step is to align your family with a reputable attorney.   A home study is not required in the state of South Carolina for a step or grandparent  adoption.  However, clearances are a good idea to avoid unnecessary surprises.  In addition, a home study may be required if a child is coming to South Carolina from another state, even though it is an intra family adoption.  Birth parent issues must also be handled to free the child from claims from potential birth parents.  Accounting and supervisory time can also be waived in intrafamily adoptions in South Carolina.  Other states will vary on this issue.

3. How long does an intrafamily adoption take?

The time depends on how long it may take to get the necessary TRP work completed.  It can usually be accomplished in less than 12 months, and many times much shorter.

4. What are the costs of intrafamily  adoption?

The costs include attorney fees, Guardian ad litem fees, and fees associated with securing the necessary termination of parental rights.